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Victoria "Vicki" Ann Smith-Lawson (Tiffany Brissette) - A robot modeled after a real human girl. The robot was a Voice Input Child Identicant (V.I.C.I.), but was nicknamed Vicki. She has real hair and realistic skin. She possesses super human strength and speed and runs on atomic power. Vicki has an access panel in her back, an electric socket in her right armpit, and an RS-232 serial port under her left armpit. Vicki's artificial intelligence is not perfect. She is incapable of emotion, speaks in a monotone voice, and interprets most commands literally. She does manage to blend in to the real world to a point. Vicki attends school, and no one but her family members and a few trusted friends know her secret. Occasionally Vicki had rare abilities that seemed to only appear in one or two episodes, such as elongating her neck to reach a door's peephole, shrinking her size to become as small as a doll or making herself ten feet tall to get noticed by everyone. One recurring theme was that Vicki had a super-powered learning system which enabled her to improve upon something such as a new detergent or to greatly increase the gas mileage of cars, which Ted and Jamie often saw as a chance to get rich quick, only to find her improvements were not perfect. Vicki lives in a large cabinet in Jamie's bedroom, and becomes more human over the course of the show.


Tiffany Brissette a.k.a. Vicki.

Ted Lawson (Foster Father/Inventor) molded Vicki's face from a picture he got from a modeling agency. Buddy O'Connor thinks that Vicki is his daughter Marie O'Connor.


Ted Lawson (Father/Inventor)

Joan Lawson (Mother)

Jamie Lawson (Older Brother)

Grandma & Grandpa Lawson (Grandparents)

Jim Anderson (Grandfather)

Vanessa Lawson (Technically Younger Sister And Evil "Bad Seed" Flip Side)[]

Trusted Few:

Harriet Brindle (Next Door Neighbor)

Reggie (Jamie's Friend)

Paula P (She Gave Her Speech Therapy i.e The Wonder Worker)

Chrissie (Vicki Looked At The Milk Carton Which Had Her Face And Possibly Last Known Location Then At Her) And Discovered That She Was A Missing Child (Girl On The Milk Carton)

First appearance:Vicki's Homecoming, episode 1, season 1.